VR gamers . Photo by KWP

Immersive reality tech on the rise – expert analysis

The Stinger Report: The Roadmap Ahead for Entertainment | Part  4 | #1048 Report Skinny The only way to “Stay-Up-To-Date” regarding the new phases of immersive entertainment is with The Stinger Report. In this report we look at Immersive Reality Tech on the Rise, with the latest XR applications for commercial entertainment; along with The eSports Arena Avalanche with numerous new facilities announced; and The results of the Amusement Convergence with mergers and restructuring. This series then concludes with a detailed report on the Emergence of Retailtainment investment. Main Report The…

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VR Start theme park, Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou: Virtual Reality theme park yet to draw crowds

YouTuber Nathie has visited VR Star Theme Park in China. His post shows a wide array of tech on offer (but not many visitors). VR Star Theme Park opened in Guizhou, China in 2018 and is the largest VR park in the world. With a $1.5 billion price tag, it’s unlikely that there will be any new VR parks of this scale outside China soon. However, it’s interesting to take a peep inside to see the vast array of tech on offer. VRFocus spoke to Nathie after his trip. In…

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